A Kurdish deputy talks to Nas about a sudden collapse of the Baghdad and Erbil negotiations

2021.03.20 – 18:03


Baghdad – People  

The MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Rizan Sheikh Dalir, spoke of a sudden ‘collapse’ in the ongoing negotiations between the Kurdistan Region delegation and Baghdad regarding the region’s share in the financial budget, while noting that the meetings are continuing so far, denying at the same time the withdrawal The Kurdish delegation, for those negotiations.    


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Sheikh Delir said in a statement to “People” (March 20, 2021) that “the agreement concluded yesterday evening between the Kurdish delegation and the Shiite blocs was subjected to collapse, for surprising reasons, as if we are witnessing the snake and stairs game, as is the case every time, when The agreements between the two parties are blown up, “noting that” the reason for the collapse of this agreement is still unknown until now, and if we know the reasons, this is a beautiful thing. ”   

And she continued, “The negotiations between the two parties are ongoing, in full swing, through the meetings that are being held at the present time.”   

Sheikh Dleir denied, “the withdrawal of the Kurdish delegation,” stressing that “it is still in Baghdad and is present at the meetings.”   



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