A Kurdish deputy reveals the wording of the Kurdistan delegation’s agreement with the Iraqi parliament


Kurdistan Region delegation

2021 budget

2021-03-19 11:41

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Shafaq News / A deputy close to the Kurdish delegation’s talks revealed, on Friday, the details of the agreement with the Iraqi parliament regarding the 2021 budget.

Deputy Bashar al-Kiki, a participant in the meetings of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad, told Shafaq News: The delegation reached with the Iraqi parliament to amend the wording of one of the budget’s paragraphs, making it feasible on the ground.

Kiki added; The agreement confirmed that the Kurdistan Regional Government would deliver no more than 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the federal government.

Parliament informed Shafaq News earlier today; That there is an agreement reached by the Kurdish delegation headed by Qubad Talabani with the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, without disclosing what this agreement is.



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