The Iraqi Parliament votes to amend the Federal Court Law



The Iraqi Parliament

Federal Court Act

2021-03-18 11:43

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi parliament (parliament) voted, on Thursday, to amend the Federal Court law with a majority of its members after it failed to mobilize the necessary support to pass a new law to the court.

The vote was taken to amend Article Three and a new article of the First Amendment Law (Order No. 30 of 2005) of the Federal Supreme Court Law, according to a council statement.

The amendment was passed by the majority of votes during the session, which was attended by 204 representatives out of 329, in the midst of a boycott of Kurdish representatives and representatives of minorities.

The deputy from the Kurdish Al-Amal bloc, Muthanna Amin, told Shafaq News, “The Kurdish blocs boycotted the voting session on the Federal Court law because it was not taken into account their opinion or point of view.”

He added, “We want guarantees that the Federal Court will not be used in cases related to the constitutional rights of the Kurds, and that it will not be biased towards a particular party or sect.”

The vote to amend the law comes after the political blocs failed to agree on the draft of the new Federal Court bill, as its legislation requires the presence of two-thirds of the number of members of Parliament.

During the last period, Parliament voted to pass 21 articles of the new Federal Court bill, and disputes revolved around three articles on which the political forces did not reach a consensus.

The disagreements centered on granting seats to Islamic law jurists from the Shiite and Sunni sects, and giving them the power to vote on decisions.

Disputes also revolved around the voting mechanism in the Federal Court as to whether unanimity was required to pass decisions or a simple majority.

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