Financial Committee: The budget is ready for voting, with the exception of one paragraph

1,575 Policy 2021/03/19 00:02

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muthanna Abdul Samad Al-Samarrai, confirmed that the committee has completed its work and submitted the budget bill for 2021 to the House of Representatives several weeks ago, and that the law is ready to be presented to the parliament to legislate it in the nearest session.

Al-Samarrai said in a press statement issued by his media office that “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives today held an important meeting that included the Finance Committee and heads of political blocs in Parliament, to complete the requirements of legislating the Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021.”

Al-Samarrai indicated that “the budget is ready for voting whenever it is presented to the House of Representatives, and that one paragraph related to the Kurdistan region still needs political consensus between the political blocs,” noting that “the budget law will be presented in the next session of parliament for a vote on it, and that the committee will hold another meeting before Parliament session in a final attempt to encircle the differences over that paragraph. ”

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