Parliament again fails to pass the Federal Court Act



The Iraqi Parliament

Federal Court Act

2021-03-16 18:08

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Council of Representatives (Parliament) failed, on Tuesday, to pass a draft Federal Court bill due to the ongoing disputes over three articles.

A representative source told Shafaq News, “The meeting of the parliament presidency with heads of political blocs failed to reach an agreement on resolving the disputed articles in the Federal Court law.”

He pointed out that “the Presidency of Parliament agreed with the political forces to postpone the vote on the Federal Supreme Court Law until Thursday to give an opportunity to reach a final agreement on passing the law and resolving disputes over its paragraphs.”

He added that “the session witnessed a boycott by MPs from different political blocs and parliamentary blocs.”

During the last period, Parliament voted to pass 21 articles of the Federal Court bill, and disputes revolve around three pending articles.

The differences focus on granting seats to Islamic law scholars of the Shiite and Sunni sects, seats in the Federal Court, and giving them the power to vote on decisions.

Disputes also revolve around the voting mechanism in the Federal Court as to whether unanimity is required to pass decisions or a simple majority.

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