Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani (File)

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SULAIMANI — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani said on Sunday (March 14) that there is no alternative proposal other than the proposal set by the federal government in the draft Federal 2021 Budget Law.

“We have prior agreement with the Iraqi government and this agreement [is] included in the draft budget,” Talabani said in an interview with the National News Center.

He said that talks between the Council of Representatives’ Finance Committee and a delegation from the KRG is ongoing.

Legislators were supposed to vote on the draft budget bill during a parliamentary session scheduled for Monday, but the vote was removed from the agenda. The session will focus on the draft Federal Court Law.

“We consider the text that we agreed upon with the Iraqi government the best text which can be implemented by the two governments,” Talabani said, adding that the budget law must be “enforceable”.

The KRG and the federal government have been involved in tense negotiations over the budget for nearly a year, several times announcing the outlines of an agreement only to have politicians pull back from actually moving forward with implementation.

In the interview, Talabani rejected rumors about the sale of the Kurdistan Region’s oil to Turkey for 50 years.

“All that exists is an agreement to transport and market oil through Turkish territories,” he said.

(NRT Digital Media)

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