MP: 150 parliamentarians are unanimous not to attend today’s session because it is devoid of the budget

16:42 – 15/03/2021


Information / private.

The coalition of Iraqis announced, on Monday, that there is a representative agreement for more than 150 deputies not to attend today’s session due to the absence of the agenda from the budget law.

The MP for the Iraqi Star Al-Jabri Alliance said to / the information / that “many representatives from various political blocs have submitted a request to the Presidency of Parliament, accompanied by signatures of more than 150 deputies, to include the budget in the agenda of today’s session.”

He added that “the presidency of the parliament presented the agenda and is devoid of the budget, and the request for signatures was neglected. The budget was not included to allocate the session to pass the Federal Wisdom Act.”

He added that “the signatories unanimously agreed not to attend the session designated today for the absence of the budget from the agenda,” noting that “it is possible to enter the session in the event that the presidency recedes and the budget was included in today’s session.”

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