A verbal altercation between Kord MPs and another from Al-Fateh in Parliament





2021-03-15 13:50

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Shafaq News / A parliamentary source reported that a verbal altercation took place during the parliament session, on Monday, regarding laws pending in the House of Representatives.

The source told Shafaq News that a verbal altercation took place between the representatives of Kurd and the member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Yousef Al-Kalabi, regarding the laws of the Federal Court and the financial budget.

According to the source, the dispute arose because of Article 12 of the Federal Court Law, which relates to voting on claims and disputes within the Federal Court Council.

Shiite blocs are pushing for voting in the court council to be by the majority, but the Kurds want the vote to be unanimous.

The source pointed out that the disagreements began in the parliament session and then moved to the Parliament cafeteria, if the two sides exchanged accusations of suspending laws in the House of Representatives, including the draft budget bill for the current year.


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