Al-Kazemi: We have succeeded in crossing the economic crisis and an international readiness to support Iraq in reform

March 2021 08 11:07

Baghdad / Al-Masalla: During a press conference, Monday 8 March 2021, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said that Iraq has succeeded in crossing the economic crisis, indicating that there is an international readiness to support Iraq in reform.

Obelisk publishes the text of the Prime Minister’s speech

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Our dear, honorable people …

with all kindness and appreciation bid farewell to the people of Iraq today, His Holiness, Pope Francis, with the same love, generosity and human authenticity they received.

This dear and generous visit, with all the signs of welcome and national consensus that it was full of the success of its noble purposes, represented a bright point that embodied the essence of our loving, sincere, civilized people who believed in the values of justice and peace.

The message of His Holiness reached all parts of the world, as he wandered with a heart full of hope in the beloved cities of Iraq,

and the message of our people reached all the peoples of the earth to say:

We, the people of Iraq, the people of history and civilization, we have suffered many wars .. and blood has spilled on our land until I lost my mind … and death spread its black shadow in our homes for decades … and the crows of weapons, corruption, terrorism and hatred

ravaged our lands … But our authentic metal did not rust, because the spirit of life, love of peace and adherence to human values has not rusted …

We have nothing but great human meanings in our souls …

We have lived together for more than six thousand years ago, and we are still together .. We

hold in the hand of each other the multiplicity of our religions, sects, and nationalities, just as the hands of His Eminence Al-Sistani and His Holiness the Pope …

Iraq is the message of humanity and peace, Iraq is the crown of tolerance, and Baghdad is the city of peace and the platform for the intellectual movement.

Our dear beloved people ..

Iraq faces a real opportunity to restore its historic role in the region and the world despite all obstacles and challenges, and

we, as a government, are committed to the will of our people to achieve security, peace, reconstruction and prosperity.

On the basis of this historical responsibility, and in the atmosphere of love and tolerance promoted by the visit of His Holiness the Pope to the land of Iraq, the land of Mesopotamia, we present today the call for a (national dialogue), to be a means of achieving the aspirations of our people.

We call on all the different political forces, popular and youth protesters, and opponents of the government to the table of responsible dialogue before our people and before history. We call on our forces and political parties to give priority to the interest of the country and to move away from the language of convulsive rhetoric and political projection, and to prepare for the success of early elections, and to give our people the opportunity for hope and confidence In the state and in the democratic system …


our Iraqi youth, our youth everywhere …

I realize the extent of your suffering, your ambitions, and the injustice that befell you, but we have to be patient and unite, for the sake of Iraq, for the sake of the homeland, and for the sake of the future that befits our generations, and that is why the government needs enough time to protect Iraq and arrange our national Iraqi home ..

Stressing the situation is not in the interest of the country, and sufficient time must be given to the government to build on the achievements during the past period, and to secure elections on sober and fair foundations.

My brothers … dear opponents … I invite you, in all sincerity, to an open and frank dialogue with the government on the basis of the country’s interest, security and sovereignty, and on the basis of preserving the security of Iraq, supporting the state and the rule of law.

The strategic dialogue initiated by the government on arrangements for cooperation with the international coalition is based mainly on creating the environment and timings for the removal of all combat forces from the land of Iraq, within the framework of agreed-upon technical mechanisms while preserving the best relations with the coalition countries, in a manner that guarantees the sovereignty and security of Iraq ..

as well . I call for a genuine, deep national dialogue, at all official, party and popular levels, to reach a framework for a final agreement on the relationship between the central government and the Kurdistan region in a way that preserves the unity of the Iraqi territories and addresses the accumulated problems radically.

Since its formation, the government has been working on restoring Iraq’s external relations and establishing to restore Iraq to its natural position and its regional weight internationally, and we have made advanced steps in this field, and the visit of His Holiness the Pope was a reinforcement of these steps. International to support Iraq in the economic reform project, after we succeeded in crossing the economic crisis.

Accordingly, we call on all the brothers, neighbors and friends of Iraq to consolidate the values of peace and cooperation among the countries of the region and to banish the specter of wars, disagreements and conflicts that will not serve our peoples of a common history.

Today, Iraq affirms its full readiness to play an effective role in consecrating the calm and opening the doors for dialogue to solve the region’s crises, and for everyone to be partners in development, not a focus of disagreement and conflicts.

Iraq has insisted on its refusal to be an arena for external conflicts, and the logic of cooperation and brotherhood is the only acceptable one for our people and for Iraq. 

Our honorable people .. On

your behalf , I extend my thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of the historic visit of His Holiness the Pope to the land of Iraq ..

governmental institutions, popular activities and political forces.

On behalf of all of you, I thank His Holiness the Pope, who loved Iraq and the people of Iraq, and touched the goodness, depth and authenticity of this great, powerful and diverse people.

We thank your Holiness for every word of fairness towards our people, every call for dialogue, tolerance and peace that I have delivered throughout our beloved Iraq, and for every emotional interaction with the challenges that this people faces.

 Ahli along the country

you are Iraq, the foothold of your feet lived human civilizations, and have come together and published love, thought and science, you Sumer and Babylon and confirmed Assyria, you are the last extension of the present , the future

you Iraq , the prophets, imams, saints, scholars and creators .. and you renewed hope and you are life makers ..

lived Iraq Long live Iraq.

Media Office of the Prime Minister 




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