Iran announces the release of $ 3 billion of its frozen assets in 3 countries, including Iraq

335 Arab and international 2021/03/07 15:11 am

Baghdad Today- Follow up

Today, Sunday (March 7, 2021), Iranian media reported that Iran has released 3 billion assets frozen in Iraq, Oman and South Korea.

He was quoted by the Iranian news agency “Fars news” Hamid Hosseini, a member of God A of presidential Iran – Iraq Chamber of Commerce, as saying he was “released $ 3 billion of assets in Iraq , Iran , South Korea and Oman.”

Hosseini added, “America agreed to release the assets in the Iraqi Commercial Bank, and some transactions in this regard have been completed.

He pointed out that: Despite Al-Jazeera’s news, according to which an Iraqi source denied the release of Iran’s assets, but according to documented information it obtained, America agreed to release 3 billion dollars of Iran’s assets in Iraq, South Korea and the Sultanate of Oman.

He explained, “The advisor to the Iraqi prime minister announced that Washington had granted its consent to Iran to use its money deposited in Baghdad for humanitarian purposes.”

And he indicated, “Part of the released funds will be used to provide the basic goods that the country needs,” adding: “A shipment of corn was imported from Iraq that resulted from the process of releasing the assets.”

He noted that “the liberation of the assets came with follow-up by the head of the judiciary when he traveled to Iraq, as well as the governor of the Central Bank and the Iranian Minister of Energy,” indicating that “the issue of frozen assets was also discussed during the recent visit of the Iraqi Foreign Minister to Tehran.”

The Iranian official stressed that “Iraqi officials, through frequent contacts, were waiting for a green light from Washington, which is what happened in the end.”

Iran announces the release of $ 3 billion of its frozen assets in 3 countries, including Iraq

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