Pope Francis calls on the international community to play a decisive role in promoting peace in Iraq and the whole Middle East

03/2021/05 16:17

The number of readings 40

Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: Pope of the Vatican, Francis, said Friday, March 5, 2021, that Iraq has suffered a lot from the disasters of wars and the scourge of terrorism, and from conflicts that have brought death and destruction, while calling on the international community to play a decisive role in promoting peace in Iraq and the entire Middle East.

His Holiness said in his speech from the Baghdad Palace, followed by the obelisk, I thank the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, for inviting me to visit Iraq, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make this long-awaited visit to this land, the cradle of civilization, which is closely linked, through the Prophet Abraham and many of the prophets.





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