New statement from the Minister of Finance regarding income tax, exchange rate, and salaries of 2021

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Baghdad today – Baghdad The

Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, issued today, Tuesday (March 2, 2021), new statements regarding changing the exchange rate of the dollar and the 2021 budget

. Allawi said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the government’s white paper for economic reform focused On limiting expenditures and introducing the principle of economic pricing, “adding,” It is not possible to proceed with economic development and place Iraq on a new path without addressing the problems. ”

He pointed out that “the white paper focused on treating 600 procedures in 60 packages.”

With regard to the budget file, he said, “There are no technical issues that hinder voting on the budget.”

“We do not know the final form of the general budget amended by Parliament, and we have submitted the additional positions on the budget to the Parliamentary Finance Committee,” he said.

He continued that ”

And he declared, “Including the degrees of deletion and creation in the budget, as well as the allocations for lecturers and doctors.”

The minister said that “the deficit in the 2021 budget fell to about 30 trillion dinars, while the price of a barrel in the budget was based on $ 45.”

He added, “It also included paragraphs that support the poor, social care, and support for anti-Corona efforts in the 2021 budget.”

The Minister of Finance expected that “the House of Representatives will set the application of income tax on all salaries and allowances.”

In response to the parliamentary demands to amend the exchange rate, Allawi said, “The dollar exchange rate is a governmental decision that cannot be changed daily as desired,” indicating that “the markets have accepted the current exchange rate and will give incentives over the coming years to the private sector and strengthen reserves.”

The minister promised to “find stability by paying the employees’ salaries on time.”


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