The Joint Economic Committee: Economic relations between Iran and Iraq are growing rapidly

Iraqi and Iranian flag

money and business

Economy News – Baghdad

The Secretary of the Joint Economic Committee between Iran and Iraq, Muhammad Wali Alaa Al-Dini, confirmed that the two countries have many common points in all social, cultural, political and economic fields, which made the joint economic relations between them achieve rapid growth.

Alaa Al-Dini added, in statements followed by Al-Eqtisad News, that “according to the ongoing negotiations between Tehran and Baghdad and the holding of the meeting of the Joint Economic Committee between Iran and Iraq on February 10 and 11, and at a time when Iran is suffering from the US embargo, the two countries have been able to take great steps in the field of Developing economic relations in various fields, including reconstruction and exporting non-oil products. ”

And he added, “Iranian exports to Iraq included all fields, including agriculture, building dams, electricity and water equipment, as well as the tourism field,” expressing his “hope to continue and vigorously exporting Iranian products to all neighboring countries, especially Iraq.”

And Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein arrived in Tehran on Saturday morning to meet with Iranian officials. This is the second visit of the Iraqi foreign minister to Tehran this February.

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, Fuad Hussein, discussed the common relations between the two countries.

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