The US Secretary of Defense: We relied on Iraqi information to bomb eastern Syria

Time: 02/26/2021 10:58:10 Read: 4,758 times

{International: Al Furat News} The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the US military relied on intelligence information from the Iraqi side to bomb areas in eastern Syria at dawn on Friday.

Austin said he was “confident of the accuracy of the strike.”

Earlier, the Pentagon confirmed that US air strikes destroyed “several facilities” located at a border control point between Iraq and Syria, in response to the recent attacks against American employees in Erbil in the middle of this month.

For its part, Russia condemned the US raids.

A source at the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia condemns the night strike by the United States against Syria, and considers it an unacceptable violation of international law.

“The strike targeted the territories of a sovereign state that is a member of the United Nations. This is an unacceptable violation of international law,” RIA Novosti news agency quoted the source as saying. ”

Ammar Al-Masoudi must be identified.

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