Fox News: US forces are preparing in Iraq, fearing an Iranian response

17 minutes ago | Books: Marwan Maher , Agencies |

A group of American soldiers in Iraq during one of the patrols, Shall Gurga, northern Iraq, August 28, 2010, Joe Biden, the US Vice President, announced on the first of September that the American forces had completed the operation to liberate Iraq, but that they would start a new mission in Iraq which he called Operation; The new dawn ;. Through this new operation, the remaining US forces interact with the Iraqi Army forces during operations and can also assume a civilian role and combat terrorism, if needed. An archive photo

The American “Fox News” channel reported that the international coalition led by Washington has raised the threat level to the American forces in Iraq, and put the forces at the Balad base on alert for any Iranian response after the bombing of militias affiliated with Tehran on the Iraqi-Syrian borders yesterday

The channel said that only necessary activities would be permitted at the base of “Balad”, with the imposition of mandatory preventive measures on anyone outside the fortified buildings at the base.

According to a report by “Fox News”, such a situation may last for several days, and it comes as a routine precautionary measure, which was taken based on the current field conditions.

The base, which hosts the international coalition forces, was subjected to missile strikes last week, and the United States accused “Iranian-allied militias” of being behind the attack.

Last night, the United States launched an air strike on sites in Syria, which it said belonged to “Iran-allied factions,” and US forces in Iraq feared a possible response to the strikes in Syria, according to a Fox News report.

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