Foreign Ministry: Hussein will visit Tehran tomorrow … and his agenda is revealed

Time: 02/26/2021 19:29:08 Read: 1,313 times

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein will visit the Iranian capital, Tehran, tomorrow, Saturday, in the second such visit to him this February.

In a statement, the ministry’s spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahhaf said in a statement that Al-Furat News Agency received a copy of, that Hussein “will make an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran tomorrow, and it will continue for one day, during which he will hold meetings with dignitaries in Iran.”

“The talks will focus on bilateral relations between Baghdad and Tehran, discuss the situation at the regional level, support paths to achieve balance and avoid tension and escalation,” he added.

He pointed out that “the visit of the Foreign Minister to the Islamic Republic of Iran after his visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the period from February 22 to February 23, 2021.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi

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