The Iraqi Council of Ministers issues 7 new decisions – urgent

383 Policy 02/23/2021 20:36

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The Cabinet issued 7 new decisions at today’s session according to an official statement issued by the office of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

The office said in its statement that, “Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held a regular session headed by Al-Kazemi, during which the latest developments in the country were discussed, as well as discussing the topics included in its agenda.”

At the beginning of the session, the Prime Minister praised the efforts of the state institutions and agencies that contributed to the implementation of the curfew, and thanked all citizens who adhered to the health ban measures, and confirmed that the escalation of commitment to preventive measures will enable us to reduce the effects of the new and more dangerous strain of the epidemic.

Regarding the security situation in the country, Al-Kazemi affirmed “the continuation of pre-emptive operations against terrorism, to eliminate what remains of its remnants and to dry up its sources,” praising “the efforts of the heroic security forces of all kinds, and they are linked day and night in pursuing terrorist cells” and

Al-Kazemi stressed that “Iraq will not It will be an arena for settling scores, “he said, adding that” the absurd missiles are an attempt to embarrass the government and impede its progress. ”

The prime minister stressed that “the security services will be able to reach the perpetrators and they will be brought before public opinion.”

In another file, Al-Kazemi said that “weak souls have been awaiting the collapse of the economic situation since October and November last, but government measures have enabled Iraq to pass this difficult stage in a wise manner.”

 He stressed that “the foreign exchange reserves of Iraq, after it was threatened with collapse, started to escalate, and it is expected that it will increase by nearly four billion dollars by the end of this month, since the start of the reform measures and changing the exchange rate, and corruption operations have been greatly reduced in the Central Bank auction.” And he indicated that the government is working with deliberate plans to revitalize the Iraqi economy, support the private sector and provide more job opportunities.

According to the statement, the Minister of Health and Environment presented a report on the developments of the work of the Committee to Promote Governmental Measures in the areas of prevention and control of health and awareness regarding limiting the spread of the Coronavirus, and also reviewed the efforts of the Ministry of Health in facing the pandemic and continues awareness campaigns targeting citizens and urges them to adhere to preventive measures.

The statement emphasized that if the Council of Ministers discussed what is included in its agenda, it issued the following decisions:

First / Approval of the draft law on judicial protection for companies manufacturing Covid-19 vaccine and referring it to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles (61 / First Item) and (80 / Item Second) of the Constitution.

Second / Approval of the Ministry of Health providing the vaccine from the Chinese Sinopharm Company.

Third / Approval of increasing the capital of the General Company for North Electricity Distribution, one of the Ministry of Electricity formations, by an amount of (974109524557) dinars, only nine hundred and seventy-four billion one hundred and nine million five hundred and twenty-four thousand five hundred and fifty-seven dinars, which represents the amount of the company’s capital increase approved by the Supervision Bureau Federal Finance, based on Article (10 / First / 1) of the Public Companies Law (22 of 1997) as amended.

Fourth / Approval of the following:

– Issuing instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the law to perpetuate the sacrifices of the martyrs of the war against ISIS terrorist gangs, to expedite the completion of their transactions and to take careful care of the wounded, based on the provisions of Article (9) of the Law on Immortalizing the War Martyrs Against ISIS Terrorist Gangs and speeding up the completion of their transactions and care Al-Faeqiah Bal Wounded No. 81 of 2017

– The issuance of the rules of procedure for the committee overseeing the implementation of the provisions of the Law to perpetuate the sacrifices of the martyrs of the war against ISIS terrorist gangs, accelerate the completion of their transactions and take care of the wounded No. 81 of 2017, based on the provisions of Articles (6 and 9) of the Law of Commemorating the Martyrs of War Against ISIS terrorist gangs Accelerating the completion of their transactions and taking careful care of the wounded No. 81 of 2017.

Taking into consideration the opinion of the legal department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers regarding the aforementioned instructions and rules of procedure.

Fifth / Agreeing to abolish Paragraph 1 of Cabinet Resolution (92 of 2020), which includes selling barley for export purposes, and to work with the rest of the paragraphs on feed barley processing in support of livestock breeders.

Sixth / Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Energy Council No. (27 of 2021) according to the following: –

Approval of the extension of contracts for the transportation of petroleum products to power plants ending on March 1, 2021, until April 30, 2021, to complete the new referral procedures, according to what was mentioned in the Ministry of Oil book No. (F / 120) on February 22, 2021.

Seventh / Approval of writing off the amount of the remaining debts amounting to (16124500000) dinars, only sixteen billion one hundred twenty-four million five hundred thousand dinars, distributed to the employees of the Teachers Syndicate within the numbered plot (3 m 4, the northeastern island of Najaf), based on the provisions of Article 46 ) Of Federal Financial Administration Law No. (6 of 2016), and Clause I of Cabinet Resolution (28 of 2020).

Media Office of the Prime Minister 

23 – February – 2021


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