Al-Kazemi announces two economic “achievements”, one of which is related to the change of the exchange rate

2,385 Policy 02/23/2021 16:20

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced two new economic achievements.

Al-Kazemi said during the cabinet session today, speaking of the first achievement, “after it was threatened with collapse, the foreign exchange reserves of Iraq are rising, and it is expected that they will increase by nearly 4 billion dollars by the end of this month, since the reform measures started and the exchange rate change.”

He added, “As has been a significant reduction in corruption operations in the auction of the Central Bank, and we are working with thoughtful plans to revitalize the Iraqi economy and support the private sector and provide more job opportunities.”

Regarding the second achievement, Al-Kazemi said: “Weak souls have been waiting for the collapse of the economic situation since October and the last two, but government measures have enabled Iraq to pass this difficult stage in a wise manner.”

In the Corona file and government measures, he said, “We value the general commitment of citizens to the health ban, and we also evaluate highly the efforts of state institutions and agencies that have contributed to its implementation. The escalation of this commitment will enable us to limit the effects of the new and more dangerous strain of the epidemic.”

Earlier, the advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed that Iraq is on the brink of economic recovery, indicating that the Supreme Committee for Reform has important decisions to promote the public and private sectors.

In an interview with the semi-official Al-Sabah newspaper, Saleh explained that “Iraq is on the edges of economic recovery at present in two areas. The first is that there is a tangible agricultural boom that will achieve growth in the non-oil GDP in 2021 by more than 4% and it is increasing. About one and a half times the population growth, and the second scope is the boom in the energy demand sector in the world. Oil prices have gradually recovered, which is a positive sign and strengthens the country’s general financial capacity.

Saleh stressed “the need to deal with this matter with great caution, by laying a basis for sustainable development and reducing economic shocks.”

He pointed out that “the international community supporting Iraq through the International Financial Alliance team, which was established months ago, expressed its desire to support the established principles for the sustainability of growth in the national economy as expressed in the white paper recently approved by the Council of Ministers by establishing a blueprint and an institutional entity (for economic reform), which is considered The support for this developmental sustainability. ”

He added that “the formation of the Supreme Committee for Reform that will have decisive and radical executive decisions to promote productive, investment and operational activity in the public and private sectors will be supported by a large international presence represented by the multilateral international financial institutions and the Group of Seven major industrial countries,” pointing out that “the availability of national and international will will embody its features.” By participating in the reconstruction and establishment of the reform and transformation team in the country from (crisis economy) to (construction economy and sustainable development), to be the cornerstone of the economic transition for development. ”

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