Representative Finance Report: We completed the main matters in the budget

Time: 02/22/2021 22:11:17 Read: 4,134 times

Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmed Al Saffar Furat: The

Commission shall bear all the attacks and up to 50 days in the job with the budget 

we completed two days before the things the main remained outstanding issues in the budget , including the unemployment set and graduates

receive daily hundreds of requests from the House of Representatives to provide job opportunities

error big in appointments accumulated from previous years because of not to move the economy that reached the big burden on the public sector ,

we have achieved a kind of justice as a priority through the provision of allocations for contracts and action and administrators

high deficit up to 28.6 due to additional allocations

pushing towards increasing the investment budget in the next budget

angel continuous movement and the development of new grades under discussion has not been decided

we imposed Tax on foreign workers

Reducing the budget of the three presidencies 20% 

Salary of a member of the House of Representatives 7 million dinars ,

allowances and privileges of the House of Representatives is currently not attractive

honest intentions of the Kurdistan region and presented all the data for the Baghdad

delegation region negotiating possessed broad powers

Baghdad administration to file oil for the province exceeded the constitution ,

some Shiite blocs insisted on managing Baghdad file – oil province

delegation region will return To Baghdad tomorrow, the

most prominent of the Shiite blocs agreed on a specific text regarding the region.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee delivered a copy of the budget to the Presidency of Parliament, with the exception of the two articles on the Kurdistan region until it is agreed upon

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