Oil: We received data from the Kurdistan Region and the relations are positive and heading towards a solution

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The Minister of Oil, Ihssan Abdul Jabbar, expressed his optimism that the outstanding issues with the Kurdistan Region would be resolved in the near future, “if there is confidence between the two sides.” And while he indicated that the Ministry had received data from the Kurdistan Region after “information was almost withheld from the central government previously,” he denied the validity The news that Erbil has sold oil with contracts extending for fifty years.

Abdul Jabbar said in an interview with the BBC, followed by Al-Eqtisad News, regarding relations with the Kurdistan Region: “I think that they are on their way to a solution and there are high-level committees from the Kurdistan Region visiting Baghdad to discuss with those with political, technical and economic decisions in the field of budget. There is progress in the relationship. ”

During the last period, the negotiating delegation for the Kurdistan Region headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, made many repeated visits to Baghdad, which resulted in the inclusion of Article (11 – first) of the draft budget that provides for the settlement of dues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region for the years 2004 to 2020 After the Federal Office of Financial Supervision, in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Office of Financial Supervision, audited it.

Also, starting from the year 2021, the Federal Ministry of Finance will download the debt installments owed by the Kurdistan Region granted to it by the Iraqi Commercial Bank and schedule it over ten years, and Article (11-second) of the draft law obliges the Kurdistan Regional Government to deliver 250 thousand barrels of crude oil per day of oil The crude produced from its fields, and that the oil and non-oil revenues be delivered to the state treasury exclusively, but the objection of the Shiite blocs delayed the vote on the law.

The minister stated that “information was almost withheld from the central government previously, but now information and data have been exchanged between the Federal Office of Financial Supervision and the Office of Financial Supervision in the Kurdistan Region, and we in the Ministry of Oil received a number of data and it was agreed on a formula in the budget that the center would receive a value of 250 thousand A barrel of crude oil at a sumo price, meaning high competition, and there are other formulas for discussion, and I think the issue is heading towards a solution. ”

In response to the rumors about the Kurdistan Region concluding an agreement with Turkey to sell oil for a period of 50 years, Abdul Jabbar explained: “The data received by us say other than this. The Kurdistan Region concluded at a certain stage contracts with companies of extraction, transport and export based on the electrified political atmosphere during the period of signing These contracts, and we believe that these contracts were not successful at this time, although at that time they were a financial solution for the region, but now they are unsuccessful and lead to the failure to provide an integrated return from exporting crude oil. I believe that the near future will solve these problems with a joint agreement.

The Iraqi minister went on to say that “the relationship with the region will be positive in the near future if there is confidence between the two sides. We are trying to extend elements of confidence and give positive signals. The center thinks about the Kurdish people as it thinks about the people in central and southern Iraq, but the issue needs time to build confidence.” .

The Kurdistan Region delegation will visit Baghdad again this week, to follow up on stabilizing the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget and passing the bill, which Parliament is scheduled to start voting on as of next Thursday.


The Council of Ministers forms a committee to study the consequences of changing the price of the dollar

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Council of Ministers decided, on Monday, to form a committee to study the consequences of changing the currency exchange rate, and to propose the required solutions as far as the matter is related to investment projects.

The General Secretariat of the Council stated in a statement that Al-Furat News received a copy of it, that “the committee is headed by a representative of the Ministry of Planning, and in its membership, besides the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, includes representatives from the ministries (Finance, Construction, Housing, Public Works, Municipalities, and Electricity) as well as the Authority. National Investment, the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Contractors Union.

She added, “The decision stipulates that the committee submits its recommendations within a month of work to the Council of Ministers.”

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Today, Talabani leads a Kurdish delegation to conduct a new round of negotiations with Baghdad

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

In a new round that the Kurdistan Regional Government is conducting, with Baghdad, to negotiate the contentious issues between the two parties, a delegation from Kurdistan will arrive today, Monday, in the capital, headed by Qubad Talabani.

An informed source said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The Vice President of the Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, arrives this afternoon at the head of a high-ranking Kurdish delegation that includes officials and ministers, to conduct a new round of negotiations on the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, especially with regard to the region’s share of 2021 budget.

The source added, “The new round aims to reach a final and decisive agreement between the two parties, to end many rounds of previous negotiations, which went without any announcement of an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.” 

Last Saturday, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Hama, revealed the latest findings of the draft federal budget law for the year 2021, while the last position between Baghdad and Erbil was determined from the Kurdistan region’s share in the budget .

Ahmed Hama said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “the draft budget law was completed from the professional point of view, and the issue of salaries was addressed by canceling the deductions, as well as raising the price of a barrel of oil in the budget,” pointing out that “the dollar exchange rate paragraph cannot be modified.” It should be noted that the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank are responsible for drawing the country’s fiscal policy . ”

Hama added, “What delays the presentation of the budget for the vote is the failure to resolve the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil over the share of Kurdistan in the draft law, as a result of the difficult conditions set by the Shiite blocs, and therefore we are waiting for a consensus to be reached on this file .”

A member of the Finance Committee pointed out that “the committee worked to increase revenues in the draft law, pressure expenditures, as well as reduce the budget deficit,” stressing that “the date for submitting it to the vote depends on the agreement between the central government and the Kurdistan region .”

And a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, said today, Saturday (February 20, 2021), that until now there is no political agreement to pass the 2021 budget bill this week .

Cougar said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “until now there is no parliamentary agreement to vote on the 2021 budget bill during this week, and the announcement of this matter is through the Presidency of the House of Representatives, as it is the only body authorized to set the date for voting on Law . ”

And he indicated, “The dispute between Baghdad and Erbil regarding the share of the Kurdistan region in the budget in 2021 is still present, despite the existence of dialogues to resolve the dispute, but it is still present, and if there were any solutions, they would have been announced, but they do not exist yet .”

The House of Representatives completed the first and second readings of the federal budget law for 2021, amid conflicting discussions and views on several paragraphs of the law, foremost among which is the size of the budget and its deficit .

The MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Hassan Ali, confirmed, Wednesday (February 17, 2021), that nothing new had happened regarding the current negotiations to reach an agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil .

Ali said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The situation is as it is going on, and there are continuous meetings, but there are fundamental points of disagreement about two paragraphs of the budget law .”

He added, “In light of the current situation, we expect negotiations to continue for the next week, and everything will remain possible regarding the agreement, but until now there is opposition from the regional government to deliver all oil to Baghdad, which demands that all exports of the region be under its supervision .”


Parliamentary Finance hands over the budget law to the Presidency of the Council without deducting Kurdistan’s share


2021 budget

Share of Kurdistan

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Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Monday, that it had handed over the draft budget law for 2021 to the Presidency of the Parliament without deducting the share of Kurdistan Region.

A source in the committee told Shafaq News, “The Finance Committee handed over the Presidency of the Council of Representatives the draft general budget law for the year 2021 without any deduction or agreement on the Kurdistan region’s share.”

He pointed out that “the Presidency of Parliament will set a date for voting on the Budget Law,” most likely the date for voting “next Thursday.”

The Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Iraqi Parliament held Shiite political forces responsible for delaying the vote on the 2021 budget bill.

The head of the bloc, MP Jamal Cougar, told Shafaq News, yesterday, Saturday, that “so far, the Shiite political forces have not come up with a solution regarding the Kurdistan Region’s share in the 2021 budget outside the sent government text, so until now we do not know what these forces want exactly? You want a solution that differs from the other. ”

And he stated that “since the first day of the arrival of the budget law in 2021, there was a dispute within the Shiite house, and the political forces inside this house were the ones who held the matter and delayed the vote on the law, and at the same time they did not present any alternative text regarding the region’s share.

Last December, Baghdad and Erbil reached an agreement on the financial budget, providing for the region to deliver 250,000 barrels of oil per day, and half of the border crossings and other revenues to the federal government, in exchange for a share in the budget of 12.6%.

The agreement was included in the draft budget, but Shiite political blocs in Parliament rejected the agreement, which impedes its passage in Parliament until now.