Parliamentary Finance receives a new proposal regarding the region and sets the deadline for approving the budget

Time: 02/2020 20:51:49 Read: 377 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that it had received a new proposal regarding the Kurdistan region’s share in the draft federal budget law for 2021.

Committee member Magda Al-Tamimi said in a press statement, “Discussions are continuing regarding the budget paragraphs and receiving proposals regarding them, and there are two matters awaiting a decision on them and the budget is submitted to the vote, the first is related to the Kurdistan region file and the other concerns final review of technical matters.”

She pointed out that “after 46 meetings and more than 500 workshops, the issue of resolving the topic of the region remained, and among the proposals that were presented was what was mentioned in the text of the budget coming from the government, represented by paragraphs {10 and 11} concerning the region, and the committee members had comments on Article 11.”

She added, “There are alternatives being discussed within the political blocs, as a text arrived Thursday, which the Finance Committee is studying in order to make a decision on it, as well as the sub-committee’s submission of its report on reviewing the data that were submitted by the Kurdistan Regional Government and the additional data that it requested and is waiting for its receipt by Provincial government. ”

Al-Tamimi pointed out, “The Kurdish side has already announced its approval of what is contained in the budget submitted by the government, which includes the delivery of 250 thousand barrels per day, as well as non-oil revenues, in return for payment of dues to the region by the federal government.”

She also indicated, “the existence of a paragraph concerning the Iraqi Trade Bank, indicating that, according to its information, there are 4 billion dollars in the bank’s branches in the region that had been disposed of through a decision of the former bank manager, and there are letters in this regard between the Finance Committee and the current bank manager to send the priority of the matter.”

She added that there are reports with the Ministry of Oil about different numbers for the quantities produced in the region. The quantities delivered from the region must be determined precisely after deducting the local consumption quantities, so that the remainder will be delivered exclusively to the SOMO company or the federal government receives the file completely, including re-negotiation with the companies. Oil. ”

Al-Tamimi noted that this matter is currently being discussed and is waiting to be resolved within the next few days, in preparation for completing the draft budget and presenting it in Parliament and starting voting on its paragraphs. ”

Ammar Al-Masoudi

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