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SULAIMANI — Iraq’s Council of Representatives is expected to vote on the draft 2021 Federal Budget Law later this week with Thursday as the most likely date, member of the Finance Committee Sadiq Mudlul al-Sultani said on Friday (February 19).

Al-Sultani, who is a member of State of Law, told the state-run Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the federal government intend to come to an agreement over the former’s budget share ahead of the vote.

A delegation of KRG negotiators returned to Erbil from Baghdad on Friday without revealing whether they had achieved a breakthrough over about the Region’s share of the budget and what the KRG will have to send to Baghdad in order to secure it.

“It is likely that the budget will be presented for a vote next Thursday, after the final agreement is drawn up between the two parties about the draft budget,” al-Sultani said.

Earlier on Friday, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) lawmaker Ikhlas al-Dulaimi also said that the vote will likely come mid-week.

“There is a common understanding about oil exports, other revenues, and the Region’s share,” al-Dulaimni told INA.

(NRT Digital Media)


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