The Iraqi Parliament talks about the government’s presentation of a “new budget” in the coming months!


Iraqi Parliament

2021 budget

Iraqi Council of Ministers

2021-02-18 07:01

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Shafaq News / The Economy and Investment Committee in the Iraqi Parliament revealed today, Thursday, the intention of the Iraqi government to present a “new budget” during the coming months, while explaining the reason for that.

Committee member Nada Shaker Jawdat told Shafaq News, “The Iraqi Council of Ministers has fixed the price of selling a barrel of oil at (45) dollars within the 2021 Budget Law, and oil is currently sold (65) dollars, and this price is subject to increase during the coming period, according to experts and all studies “.

Jawdat indicated that “the surplus of oil prices will be presented in light of a supplementary budget, which the Iraqi government will provide to the Iraqi parliament, during the coming months, and the funds of these Maronites will be complementary to the previous budget and distributed to all Iraqi provinces, each according to the need of projects and others, and the parliament will carefully monitor these funds.” And the way to spend it through the supplementary budget, so that it is far from any suspicions or waste. ”

The halls of the Iraqi parliament are witnessing negotiations between the political forces to reach an agreement on the 2021 budget, without any progress in the matter of voting on it.

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