Talabani talks about the Erbil-Baghdad agreement and affirms: The region is safe for foreign investment

Political | 06:22 – 02/18/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Qubad Talabani, confirmed, Thursday, that the region is safe for foreign investments, while he talked about the Arbil-Baghdad agreement.

Talabani said during his online participation in the French-Iraqi Business Council meeting for French companies and investors, that “the Kurdistan region is a safe and stable region for investment, and that the regional government will not allow in any way the repetition of events such as what happened in Arbil a few days ago.”

The President of the French-Iraqi Business Council, Arnaud Prolak, the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sven Dziay, and the regional government representative in France, Ali Dulmere, and the French Consul General in Erbil also participated in the forum.

Talabani referred to the reform steps of the regional government, announcing that several important reform steps have been taken in the past, and in the future, several reforms will be made in the old laws, which will be a strong factor in attracting foreign investors and companies to the Kurdistan region.

In another aspect of the forum, Qubad Talabani talked about the government’s strategy to diversify the economy in the region, pointing to the importance of the agricultural and industrial sectors, as French companies and investors, in cooperation with the regional government and local companies, could have an important role in developing these two sectors.

The Deputy Prime Minister referred to the latest developments in the dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad, adding that in order for the regional and federal governments to be able to attract foreign investors, they need political stability, and for that, the agreement between Erbil and Baghdad is a strong factor to ensure security and stability throughout Iraq.



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