Saleh and Al-Kazemi discuss “civil peace” in Iraq


Barham Salih

Mustafa Al-Kazemi

2021-02-18 09:55

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Shafaq News / The Presidents of the Republic, Barham Salih and Ministers, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, discussed on Thursday the latest political and security developments in the country.

The two presidents reviewed, according to a statement by Al-Kazemi’s office received by Shafaq News, “the latest preparations made by the relevant government agencies and the Elections Commission to hold the elections on the scheduled date next October, in a way that ensures that their results are the true expression of the will and choices of the Iraqi people.”

Al-Kazemi stressed during the meeting, “the importance of the reform steps taken by the government, and their positive reflection on Iraq’s economic future, internal security, civil peace and providing opportunities for the youth sector.”

He also stressed “the need to unify the internal ranks in support of the authority of law, and in order to implement the goals for which the government came, which is urging steps in order to achieve the demands and aspirations of Iraqis.”


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