Without presenting an “alternative text,” there are ongoing disagreements regarding Kurdistan’s budget share


Kurdistan Region

The financial budget

2021-02-17 06:14

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Shafaq News / A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, said on Wednesday, that there are continuing disputes and political discussions to resolve the Kurdistan Region’s share in the fiscal budget law for the current year, indicating that the Shiite political blocs did not provide any alternative text regarding the region’s share.

Cougar told Shafaq News, “The political differences and discussions between the Kurdish delegation and the Shiite blocs still exist, and it is up to them to set a date for the vote on the General Budget Law for 2021.”

He added that “the Kurdish delegation is still in Baghdad talking with the Shiite political blocs with the aim of reaching an agreement and resolving the region’s share of the budget,” referring to “transferring the talks to next week to reach a final agreement.”

Cougar continued, “The Parliamentary Finance Committee has completed all paragraphs of the budget law, except for the paragraph concerning the agreement of the governments of Baghdad and Erbil regarding the region’s share and has not yet been included in the budget law.”

Last December, Baghdad and Erbil reached an agreement on the financial budget, stipulating that the region hand over 250 thousand barrels of oil per day, and half of the revenues from border crossings and others to the federal government, in exchange for a share in the budget of 12.6 percent.

The agreement was included in the draft budget, but Shiite factions in Parliament reject the agreement, which impedes its passage in Parliament. 

Cougar said, “The ball is in the stadium of the Shiite political blocs, and it is divided and does not accept the government text, and it did not come with an alternative text,” stressing that “things are still pending for more than 45 days.”


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