5 thoughts on “Statement from the office of Donald J. Trump

  1. We stand in agreement with you. You are in my opinion the greatest president in my life time. We pray for our country and your family and for you. We love you and we are proud to call you our president.


  2. I have come to love and trust our true president. I thank him for opening so many eyes. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.


  3. Donald Trump was the right man at the right time for America. The forces of evil that control the Washington Swamp have openly broken the law in forcing him out of office. Greedy politicians and their bureaucracy have been bought and paid for. Todays politicians pride themselves on re election by simply blaming the other party for their failures. We must be smarter than that.
    Biden is the antithesis of Trump and the country is already suffering mightily under his feckless leadership.
    The good news is that the democrat far left platform will soon devour itself in a blaze of idiotic and unsustainable legislations. Political power fades quickly in a failing economy.
    The dye is cast, a self sufficient patriotic businessman has proven that career politicians are not the answer for a thriving meritocracy. Power has corrupted our nations leaders. Honesty and common sense must prevail over todays hateful and destructive rhetoric.
    It has to.

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