Al-Kazemi receives ambassadors of the countries of the Economic Contact Group in support of Iraq

Time: 02/13/2021 15:52:09 Read: 442 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received today, Saturday, the ambassadors of the countries of the Economic Contact Group in support of Iraq.

During the meeting, he reviewed the latest developments related to government steps in the field of economic reform, the completion of the white reform paper, and the inclusion of related concepts in the general federal budget law that is now before the House of Representatives.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of government measures to address the chronic problems plaguing the Iraqi economy, and their link to corruption and mismanagement.     

He said: The reform paper carries a future vision towards building an advanced Iraqi economy that stimulates local production in the industrial, agricultural and other sectors, provides job opportunities, and optimizes Iraq’s human and material energies.

He also indicated that the government is taking steps to combat corruption despite the great pressures that hinder this file as a result of harming the interests of those who have been living illegally on state resources for many years.

He stressed the need to activate the outputs of the international conferences held in this regard, in order to turn into concrete steps that would benefit the Iraqi economy, and provide a decent life for the citizen.

The ambassadors of the Economic Contact Group, chaired by Germany and the European Union, in addition to the World Bank, praised the importance of the steps taken by the government to implement reform, and expressed their willingness to work according to the priorities set by Iraq to support the reform process and efforts to combat corruption.

Raghad Daham   

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