The Vatican delegation arrives in Iraq in preparation for the Pope’s visit next March

02/11/2021 10:51

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: The delegation of Pope Francis, the Vatican, arrived Thursday, February 11, 2021, to the province of Najaf, in preparation for the Pope’s visit next March.

A statement issued by Najaf Airport, received by the “obelisk”, stated that the delegation of Pope Francis of the Vatican had arrived through Najaf International Airport in preparation for the visit of Pope Francis next March.

The delegation was received by Director of Najaf Al-Ashraf International Airport, Issa Al-Shammari.

On Thursday, February 11, 2021, the Iraqi embassy in the Vatican clarified the scheduled meeting between Pope Francis I during his visit to Iraq next month with the supreme religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Imam Ali al-Sistani, in Najaf.

According to a document from the embassy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Europe, received by the obelisk, the newspapers confirmed that the two sides discussed a framework condemning everyone who attacks life and working to strengthen interfaith dialogue.

Last Monday, the website of Pope Francis of the Catholic Church published the program of the special visit to Iraq, scheduled to take place on March 5-8, 2021.

The press house of the Holy See stated, in a statement, that the program of Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq will be from the fifth to the eighth of March 2021, as he will leave Rome on Friday, the fifth of March, from Fiumicino Airport in Rome, to reach Baghdad International Airport, where the reception will take place. the official.


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