Revealing the latest findings of the Kurdish delegation’s negotiations with Baghdad regarding the budget

193 Policy 02/07/2021 17:56 ht

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the House of Representatives, Vian Sabri, confirmed today, Sunday (07 February 2021), that negotiations between the central government in Baghdad and the Finance Committee with the Kurdish delegation representing the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the region’s share in the 2021 budget. It is still continuing and did not reach any satisfactory results so far. 

“The negotiating delegation of the Kurdistan region will return to Baghdad again within the next two days, in order to end the dispute and reach final solutions regarding Kurdistan’s share in the draft 2021 budget law,” Sabri said in an interview. 

She added that “negotiations are still continuing until now and we have not reached any satisfactory solutions,” pointing to me that “the Kurdish delegation will present new solutions in order to solve the crisis between the two parties.”

Earlier, the head of the Bayariq al-Khair parliamentary bloc, Muhammad Othman al-Khalidi, confirmed, on Sunday (February 7, 2021), that there are five points of contention between Baghdad and Erbil that prevent the federal budget bill from being resolved.

Al-Khalidi said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “the 2021 budget will not be resolved this week because the problems between the center and the Kurdistan region are still intractable until now.”

He added, “There are other problems related to the rights of the provinces that can be solved, but the situation is different between Baghdad and Erbil, and if there are no major concessions, the budget will not pass.”

Al-Khalidi explained, “The Kurdistan region will go through a tense economic situation if the 2021 budget is passed without Kurdish consensus,” indicating that “he excludes reviewing the budget during the next few days.”

He pointed out that there are “5 files that constitute differences between Baghdad and Erbil, which are salaries, financial dues, oil and customs, in addition to a proposal to establish a representation for the federal government in the region to oversee institutions, and this is a controversial matter so far.”


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