Al-Rafidain unveils a program that enables immediate loan delivery and sets the date for its launch

Rafidain Bank logo


Economy News – Baghdad

Al-Rafidain Bank revealed, on Saturday, a new electronic program that allows immediate loan delivery, specifying the date of its launch.  

The director of the bank, Hussein Ali, said in a statement to the official news agency “Conscious”, which was seen by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the management of Rafidain Bank decided to implement the accounts for granting advances to employees and retirees between the bank and the global smart card company,” pointing out that “for four months A succession of work, the bank was unable to apply the wallet, and the bank did not receive the smart card program.  

Muheisen explained that “all programs are exclusively in the hands of the global company, so the bank was forced to intensify efforts to create a program to launch the advances, and a program that keeps pace with modernity has been established, and it has been installed in some branches of the bank and trained staff on it so that they are ready to work next week.”

He pointed out that “this program allows applying for advances and immediate receipt of the same day from the bank’s branches.”  

He pointed out that “there are no cases of blackmail because the work is electronic, and there are teams to monitor, diagnose negative cases and treat them if any,” indicating that “the bank has raised the savings interest to 4.5% and fixed deposits to 6%.”


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