In detail … the most prominent thing that the Parliament voted so far in the 2021 budget

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A representative source revealed the most prominent thing that the Parliamentary Finance Committee has voted so far in the draft federal budget law for 2021.

The source stated that the committee voted on the following:

– Abolishing the clause withholding the salaries of state employees and retirees

– Reducing the budget of the three presidencies by 20%

– Reducing the total deficit from 47% to 19%, i.e. from 76 trillion dinars to 25 trillion dinars

– Reducing borrowing to 51 trillion dinars .

Including dues for lecturers, contracts and daily workers in the budget. 

– Activating the principle of collection in a scientific and thoughtful way.

– Increasing the amounts of developing governorates from 2 trillion dinars to 4 trillion dinars.

– Increasing the amounts of petrodollars for oil-producing provinces from 500 billion dinars to one trillion dinars.

Allocating all sums allocated to oil and gas producing governorates and considering them a guaranteed financial ceiling for referring service projects in the provinces.

– Increase the armament budget of the Iraqi army and intelligence agencies to develop their combat and information skills to confront the threat of terrorism.

– Increasing the sums allocated to the social protection network over what was allocated to it in 2020 by one trillion and 500 billion dinars to increase the number of families included in the grant while increasing the value of the grant itself.

– Increase the allocations of the Ministry of Education to enable it to print books and provide stationery for students and students.

– Allocating funds to complete the production lines of the large factories in the Ministry of Industry

– Allocating an amount to compensate those affected by changing the exchange rate from the private sector to ensure the continuation of projects at the request of the Ministry of Planning and the supervision of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision.

Allocating funds to fully pay farmers ‘and farmers’ dues, allowing them to enter imported materials used directly, and preventing agricultural goods produced in Iraq from entering through the outlets to develop the agricultural side and support farmers, with an amount of 200 billion dinars allocated to provide them with agricultural pesticides, fertilizers and seeds.

Supporting the decentralized system in the provinces and giving powers to the governors to make decisions without red tape or complicating ministries. 

– Supporting and engaging the Iraqi private sector, in which more than 5 million citizens work, to build investment projects and stimulate the local market 

– oblige the ministries to buy the local product and not allow the entry of goods similar to the local product if it is sufficient for self-sufficiency.

Supporting the Popular Mobilization Authority with the necessary equipment to fulfill their duties and protect their members in the fight against ISIS.

– Abolishing the Cabinet’s decision on preventing the entry of cars with minor damage to operate industrial neighborhoods in Iraq {denting, dyeing, etc.} that will provide thousands of job opportunities.

– Abolishing the clauses that allow selling state real estate and assets for fear of corruption in this file.

Allocating funds for the construction of Nineveh Airport, Dhi Qar Airport, the Grand Port of Al-Faw, and the innovation project to deliver drinking water to Basra.

Allocating funds to develop and complete the refineries of Shuaiba, Nasiriya, Karbala and Baiji to stop the import of petroleum products, which are costing us trillions of dinars.

Granting authority to the Ministry of Health to bring in large companies specialized in managing hospitals and providing health and medical services for free.

– Adding an amount of 339 billion dinars to the amount of medicine purchase to increase the purchasing power to buy medicines and make them available to citizens.

Ensure the delivery of crude oil produced in the fields of the Kurdistan region to the federal government.

– Increasing compensation amounts for those affected by terrorism, and those included in the decisions of the Martyrs Foundation and the Political Prisoners Association.

Allocating $ 199 million for this year to build 1,000 new schools in all governorates.

Allocating funds to build 100-bed hospitals in each governorate, along with rehabilitating Al-Jumhori and Ibn Sina hospitals in Nineveh, and building a hospital in Al-Rumaitha district in Al-Muthanna governorate, Saqlawiyah hospital and Balad.

Canceling the licenses and licenses of mobile phone companies in the event of non-payment of debts owed by them to the public treasury.

– To stop the disbursement of sums allocated to conferences, petty cash and hospitality in all ministries.

– To oblige the Council of Ministers to automate the procedures of tax, customs and import licenses at the border outlets and link them to the currency sale window in the Central Bank of Iraq.

– Importing companies are required to take out insurance in Iraqi companies exclusively to increase state revenues.

– The inclusion of areas outside the basic design of Baghdad governorate with municipal service and allocating the necessary funds for that.

Obliging the Council of Ministers to implement the biometric system for employees to detect aliens in all ministries and institutions.

Obliging the Council of Ministers to re-evaluate and negotiate with oil licensing rounds companies and Ministry of Electricity contracts.

– Canceling all customs exemptions granted to countries.

Allocating funds for the implementation of the Babil Sewage Project, the Water Desalination Project for Basra Governorate, the Grand Samawah Water Project, and the Nahrawan, Wehda, Abu Ghraib and Sabaa Al-Bour Sewage Project in Baghdad.

Allocating funds for establishing combined cycle power stations in Wasit, Samawah, Anbar and Nasiriyah.

Ammar Al-Masoudi


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