The Central Bank of Iraq sales of hard currency decreased by 38%



The Central Bank of Iraq

Central bank sales

2021-02-04 06:49

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Central Bank’s hard currency sales decreased on Thursday, with the conclusion of its sessions for the current week.

The correspondent of Shafaq News Agency stated that the Central Bank of Iraq witnessed during its auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies today a decrease in its sales by 38.37% to reach 53 million 603 thousand and 849 dollars, which the bank covered at a base exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar, compared to Wednesday, when it reached Its sales are 86 million 286 thousand dollars.

He added that all sales went to boost the funds abroad in the form of transfers and credits, while the sale was not done in cash.

Our correspondent indicated that 12 banks have met the requests to enhance the assets abroad.


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