Al-Kazemi pledges to the Kurdistan Alliance to address the salaries of federal employees in the region


Hope Alliance



2021-02-04 06:28

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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Alliance “Al-Amal” announced on Thursday that it met with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in the capital, Baghdad, Wednesday evening.

A statement issued by the coalition today stated that the meeting discussed and discussed a number of sensitive and important issues related to Iraq in general and the Kurdistan Region in particular.

The statement added that the meeting also discussed the Kurdistan Region’s share in the federal budget for 2021, the financial dues for farmers and federal departments, the problem of dam employees in the region, political prisoners, martyrs, and other problems that are among the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region.

The statement quoted Al-Kazemi as his pledge to expedite addressing the problem of federal employees, dam employees and farmers ’financial dues, and to conduct a comprehensive review of all differences and problems.

The statement stressed “the necessity to stand against the prevailing popular discourse that trades in the name of nationalism and sect, and to give importance to holding free and fair elections far from fraud.”


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