Tariq Harb: The constitution prevented parliament from making changes to the budget bill



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the constitution prevented the House of Representatives from making changes to the budget bill in the manner that the Finance Committee is currently doing, with the exception of only two cases.

Harb said in a clarification, that “if the parliament’s authority in all draft laws is absolute, unrestricted in terms of amendment, change, addition, deletion, submission and delay. Rather, the parliament’s authority reaches the point of not legislating the law and its cornerstone, but this does not apply to the annual budget bill.”

He added, “Parliament must definitely legislate  it, and it has no absolute power to change, amend, add, delete, present and delay, as the constitution has restricted the authority of parliament in the draft budget law.”

Harb continued, “As the constitution grants parliament, according to Article 62, two powers only, namely, to carry out transfers between the sections and chapters of the budget first, and to reduce the total amount of the budget. Secondly only, and the reason for this constitutional restriction of the parliament’s authority in  relation to the budget law is that the budget is the government’s plan that you ask about in front of parliament in the future, and every government has an opinion.” It is envisaged in its budget plan, and Parliament has no influence on this plan or changing it, as is happening these days by the Finance Committee. ”

He indicated that “the constitution in all countries of the world grants the government this absolute power that Parliament does not interfere with and what is happening these days in the House of Representatives and the Finance Committee in particular, and the statements issued by members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee of amending the budget, changing it, deleting some of it and adding new to it, even some He said that  what was received from the government of the draft budget has been canceled .

He explained  that “the committee has written a new budget in place of the government project, as some members of the Parliamentary Committee have announced in the media, as it is a violation of Article 62 of the Constitution, and we do not say that the electoral propaganda or the preference of some over others or the political positions behind this.”


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