Al-Kazemi calls on the “Cooperation Council” to follow up on the pledges of the Kuwait Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq


February 1, 2021

08:20 PM

Today, Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi called on the Gulf Cooperation Council to follow up on the pledges of the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq and to support investment aid between the two sides.

A government statement quoted Al-Kazemi as saying during his meeting with the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Nayef Al-Hajraf, “The file of investments and donor pledges in Kuwait will have an impact on achieving economic, social and security stability in Iraq, which will be reflected on the security of the region in general.”

He expressed Iraq’s keenness to strengthen its relations with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council «and to achieve integration with brothers in the GCC countries in various political, cultural, economic and commercial fields».

For his part, Al-Hajraf affirmed, according to the statement, the GCC’s support for Iraq in achieving its security, stability and sovereignty, which was embodied in the (Al-Ula) declaration issued by the recent GCC summit, stressing that the GCC states commend Iraq’s “successful” experience in combating terrorism.

Al-Hajraf explained that the electrical connection file has reached advanced stages and that the GCC states are serious about continuing to hold bilateral meetings in order to move it forward.

Al-Hajraf arrived in Iraq today on an official visit, in which he met with Iraqi President Barham Salih and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein.خارجيات/الكاظمي-يدعو-مجلس-التعاون-لمتابعة-تعهدات-مؤتمر-الكويت-لإعادة-إعمار-العراق

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