The Speaker of Parliament reveals important details about the budget and the date for voting on it {extended}

Time: 01/31/2021 19:23:05 Read: 7,943 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham Al-Jubouri, revealed important details in the draft federal budget law for 2021.

“The committee has held 35 meetings and more than 150 hosting so far regarding the 2021 budget,” Al-Jubouri said in a televised statement.

“We support raising the clause withholding salaries and replacing it with income tax. The current government has accumulations caused by previous governments, and what increased their expenditures and increased expenditures in the budget caused the deficit that reached 75 trillion dinars,” he added.

And that “the employee was subjected to two strikes, and it is not possible for the third to reduce salaries, and after reviewing the budget tables, we reached a reduction from 164 to 127 trillion dinars,” stressing that “the Finance Committee reached a reduction in the budget deficit to 19%.”

Al-Jubouri added, “We worked to support the private sector through several steps, and the price of a barrel of oil was adopted at $ 45, raising revenues more than 5 trillion dinars,” according to the statement that “Kuwait’s debts on Iraq amounted to 2.5 trillion dinars.”

He noted that “85 thousand employees have been referred to retirement according to the new amendment, and there are no appointments in the 2021 budget. Contracts can be renewed, or the return of contractors, and the degrees of deletion and creation are only for service departments,” noting that “the budget did not include the degrees of the 315 positions because it is against the law.”

He revealed, “We found sums in the budget chapters for the owners of contracts and wages in accordance with Resolution 315”, noting “the inclusion of investment projects in the budget, such as the airports of Mosul and Nasiriyah, building 1000 schools, the Faw port projects, the suspended train in Baghdad, the Al-Bada Canal, and others.”

Al-Jubouri said, “The Ministry of Oil Fund is similar to the black box, and this time we searched through it through officials in the ministry and found terrifying details in the profits of licensing rounds for oil companies,” pointing out that “”

And between “Iraq occupies among the developed countries producing oil and we have requested to invest it as licensing rounds or other investment contracts.”

He explained, “We fear that the social welfare file will be exploited for electoral issues, and we transferred 2.6 trillion dinars to increase the covered and the sums of the beneficiaries,” stressing that the previous and current dues of farmers with a balance of 4 trillion dinars, as well as contractor dues, will be included, all of which will be launched with the approval of the budget.

And he went on to say, “We are working to ensure that the ration card reaches 12 months, and we are thinking of not including citizens who receive salaries of one million dinars and more in the terms of the ration.”

He announced that “the file of the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region has not been resolved so far, and oil and non-oil revenues for the region have been included in the budget.”

He pointed to “supporting the liberated governorates business fund, but we are asking for justice and increasing its sums 100%, and 17 billion dinars have been allocated for the reward and the incentive grant for journalists, intellectuals and writers, although they asked for 34 billion dinars.”

Al-Jubouri expected “the vote on the budget in the House of Representatives at the end of this week.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi

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