Advisor to the Prime Minister: Creating new electronic payment cards that will enhance the advancement of services provided to citizens


Economy News _ Baghdad

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. The appearance of Muhammad Saleh, on Sunday, that the multiplicity of electronic payment companies and the introduction of new cards in the Iraqi market is achieving competition that leads to the advancement of the services provided to the citizen.
In an interview followed by Al-Eqtisad News, Saleh said that the creation of new electronic payment cards will contribute to creating competition that leads to the advancement of electronic services, especially when the electronic or digital payment card carries competitive advantages, such as the discount on goods and services from the national product when used in the settlement. Payments.
Saleh indicated that by this it will be a tool to spread competition within the national economy, and thus the electronic payment card and its use will be very practical in paying public service bills and raising the efficiency of revenue collection, as long as there are encouraging incentives when paying with the digital card, until the digital environment is fully integrated.
To that, the International Network of Cards for Electronic Payment Services Ltd. announced the (neo) application available in the (Apple Store) or (Google Play) store, through which it is possible to create an account with an electronic wallet, without the need to visit the company’s headquarters or wait for long hours, and issue a card A digital visa that you can use for all your online purchases, or visit an authorized dealer to buy a gift card or request a travel card. 
The managing director of the company, Zaid Fawzi, stressed that “our vision is that money must become digital and all citizens are dealt with electronic payment, especially in the circumstances of the Corona pandemic and after it, as we continue to provide the most secure, quality and easy visa cards for the Iraqi citizen, which meet all his needs with various The methods of use in terms of the various features of our products.
Fawzi indicated that the registration process in the application is according to the instructions of the Central Bank, and through the smart application, you can follow all your financial movements easily and safely.
He pointed out that “the application provides an electronic wallet with a financial ceiling of 50 thousand dollars annually, and the citizen can easily charge it by visiting agents spread throughout Iraq, and create your digital card directly from the application and use it by purchasing from websites that support visa payment, promotion on social media sites and with the recharge feature.” When needed, as soon as there is an amount of money in your electronic wallet.
The plastic gift card product is distinguished by its availability at agents and in various categories, once you buy it closed from the agent, you can activate it in seconds in the application and directly use it online, ATMs and POS points of sale in three ways ((Chip- Swipe-Contactless) locally and internationally, and it is not refillable.
As for the “plastic” travel card, any citizen can request it by visiting any authorized agent and receive it within an ideal period of time not exceeding two days as a maximum, with a financial ceiling of $ 10,000 and can be recharged immediately from the wallet. It is used with POS devices in three ways ((Chip- Swipe-Contactless and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) locally and internationally
It is noteworthy that the company, the International Network of Cards for Electronic Payment Services, started work in 2019 with a license to do electronic payment work No. (7) from the Central Bank of Iraq and based on Law No. (56) of (2004) and it works with a cadre An Iraqi youth is proud to provide the best services in the field of electronic payment to citizens.

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