Al-Jubouri to the World Bank Mission: Many reform measures were included in the budget

Economie | 12:03 – 01/31/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News,

Head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham Al-Jubouri, discussed with the representative of the World Bank delegation in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, the draft of the 2021 budget bill.

A statement stated, “The Chairman of the Finance Committee, MP Haitham Al-Jubouri, received the representative of the World Bank mission in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, to discuss a draft Draft Federal Budget Law for 2021. ”

He added, “The meeting discussed the great challenges facing the Finance Committee, during its discussions of the draft budget in light of an unstable economic and financial situation, whether in Iraq or the world, imposed by the Corona pandemic.”

Al-Jubouri confirmed, according to the statement, that “the Finance Committee had a big challenge in the budget represented in the huge deficit and tremendous growth in expenditures without actual reform measures.” Oil revenues by supporting non-oil resources such as border crossings, collection and private sector support to stimulate the Iraqi economy. ”

For his part, Numan said: “The World Bank supports the reform process to revive the Iraqi economy and solve its structural problems,” stressing at the same time that the bank has restored to support investment and development projects in Iraq.

In another context, Speaker of Parliament Muhammad al-Halbousi chaired the thirty-fifth meeting of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, in which it continued its discussions on the draft federal budget bill for 2021.

A statement by the Media Department in the House of Representatives stated that the Speaker appreciated the efforts of the Finance Committee in its discussions to balance the current year and bear the burdens of the confusing financial and economic situation in the country.

He added, “Al-Halbousi presented a set of proposals and ideas that could be included in the draft law that would contribute to developing the agricultural sector, such as obliging the government to pay farmers’ dues and supporting this important segment in the country, and supporting the industrial sector and the private sector to create opportunities for unemployed youth.”

The statement indicated that “the Finance Committee included a text in the budget that includes the establishment of a special fund for petrodollars for oil and gas producing provinces to implement important projects and provide services at the level of all sectors.”

He continued, “The meeting discussed supporting the liberated governorates and providing adequate allocations to the fund for their reconstruction, as well as the need to support the stabilization program to enable the displaced to return to their homes voluntarily.” Ended 29 / A 87


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