Plasschaert: The government of Iraq asked the UN Security Council to protect the elections and we are awaiting their response


Electoral Commission

Iraqi elections

Jenin Hennes Blashardt

2021-01-28 09:32

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Shafaq News / Jalil Khalaf, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq, announced, on Thursday, the distribution of 12 million electoral cards, indicating that more than 14 million citizens have registered their electoral data.

The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq revealed a request submitted by the Iraqi government to the UN Security Council regarding the protection of the integrity of the elections.

Khalaf said in a press conference attended by the Shafaq News Agency correspondent; “Iraq is on the verge of elections, the first of its kind in the country’s history, indicating that Iraq will be divided into 83 electoral districts.”

He continued; Chair of the Commission; That the new electoral system differs from the previous system, and that division of districts may be easier for the commission’s work.

He added, “The Commission has participated in the United Nations office in preparing the timetable for the progress of technical and logistical procedures.”

He stated that the Electoral Commission extended the registration period for political alliances of the blocs wishing to participate.

Khalaf indicated that the number of distributed cards is 12 million cards, indicating that the number of voters registered 14 million and 869 thousand voters, while three new births were registered in the elections.

With regard to the elections abroad, Half said that the Commission is communicating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Health to ensure the safety of the commissioners in the countries where the elections are to be held, pointing out that there is a plan in this regard.

He pointed out that 52 embassies and 19 international organizations expressed their desire to monitor the parliamentary elections in Iraq.

In turn, Jenin Blashardt, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, indicated that the elections are one of the biggest challenges facing us and requires a real nail for all efforts, indicating that the commission is a responsible party for ensuring the smooth and fair elections.

Plasschaert continued; There are many Iraqis requesting to participate in the election process, while the Iraqi government has submitted a request to the UN Security Council to protect the integrity of the elections.

She said this could be done in different ways; We have supervision and monitoring, as monitoring is the cornerstone of the international community’s presence in the elections.

And she added that this is exactly what the Iraqi government requested from the Security Council, and she explained that the Security Council has not taken any decision on its participation in the Iraqi elections, so we are awaiting the Security Council’s decision.

While the UN representative in Iraq indicated that monitoring the election process is taking place in many countries and its aim is to protect the integrity of the elections and the dimensions of the role of weapons and money.

She emphasized that the election process is led by Iraq, and the United Nations cannot play the role of the commissioner.

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