Finally, the 2021 budget is ready for approval in Parliament


The Iraqi Parliament

2021 budget

2021-01-28 15:16

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Shafaq News / A representative source said, on Thursday, that the draft General Budget Law for 2021 is ready for voting in Parliament.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The budget law has become ready for voting in the House of Representatives after amendments were made to some articles of the law and the deficit was reduced by 50% after it was 71 trillion dinars.”

He added that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee will, next week, distribute copies of the revised draft of the Maronite law to the heads of political blocs 24 hours before the date of the voting session on the budget law.”

The source pointed out that “next Monday is the day set for resuming parliamentary sessions and voting on the budget law.”

Next Tuesday falls on the second of February, the last day of the legislative term of the House of Representatives after it has been extended for a month, and that Wednesday is the first day of the start of the legislative recess of the House of Representatives, and the House has not announced whether it will extend the separation to vote on the budget or enter the holiday.

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