The International Development Bank announces its joining the “Bani” platform

Logo of the International Development Bank


Economy News – Baghdad

The International Development Bank announced that it has joined the Bani platform for clearing and settling Arab payments.

The bank said in a statement seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, “with unremitting and promising efforts and on the occasion of launching and operating the” Buna Buna “platform for clearing and settling Arab payments owned by the Arab Monetary Fund and starting to implement the business of sending and receiving money in various currencies and after the platform’s success in conducting financial transfers in every From Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, as a first stage. ”

The statement added that “the International Development Bank, as the first Iraqi bank to start its work on this platform, which will allow its customers to send money between Arab countries and in all currencies and to the various markets of the Arab region and abroad with very low commissions, which will include more than 120 Arab banks to its network in order to expand the list of Arab and international currencies. “.

The bank emphasized that “work is underway to introduce the Iraqi dinar currency on this platform soon to encourage the use of Arab currencies in financial and investment transactions in accordance with international standards and after the International Development Bank fulfills all operating requirements, which reflects the bright image of Iraqi banks and their competition with Arab banks in applying all modern banking standards.” And her signature of the sharing agreement. ”


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