We Parliamentary Finance reveals the results of its meeting with the region’s delegation: We will not vote on such texts

Time: 01/26/2021 00:30:43 Read: 1,m

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the results of its meeting with the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation.

Committee rapporteur Ahmed Al-Saffar said, in a press statement, that “the regional government agreed to display all data and disclosures regarding the oil file and other revenues.”

He added, “It is likely that a final agreement will be reached at the next meeting after the federal government is informed of all the data on export operations, customs files and border crossings in the region.”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee also decided not to vote on any text in the 2021 budget that contravenes the provisions of the Financial Management Law.

The meeting of the Parliamentary Finance Committee ended Monday evening with the delegation of the Kurdistan region headed by Qubad Talabani about the region’s share in the draft federal budget law for 2021.

Talabani had arrived in the capital Baghdad on Monday evening, while he was scheduled to start holding a series of meetings within the framework of the visit.

Under Article 11 – First, the draft budget law stipulates that the dues should be settled between the federal government and the Kurdistan region for the years 2004 through 2020, after the Federal Office of Financial Supervision, in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Office of Financial Supervision, audited them. 

Also, starting from the year 2021, the Federal Ministry of Finance will download the debt installments owed by the Kurdistan Region granted to it by the Iraqi Commercial Bank and schedule it over ten years.

Article (11-second) of the draft law obliges the Kurdistan Regional Government to deliver 250 thousand barrels of crude oil per day of crude oil produced from its fields, and to hand over oil and non-oil revenues to the state treasury exclusively.

The draft budget law obliges the Kurdistan region to pay the salaries of the Peshmerga for the year 2021 out of the allocations allocated within the budget of the region for the mentioned year and against the calculation of compensation for employees.

According to the tables attached to the draft budget, the expenditures of the Kurdistan Region were estimated at 13.9 trillion dinars, in addition to 923.4 billion dinars within the sovereign expenditures.

Ammar Al-Masoudi


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