Talabani heads to Baghdad to install the budget agreement


Qubad Talabani

2021 budget

The negotiating delegation with Baghdad

2021-01-25 07:39

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Shafaq News / The Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, went to the federal capital, Baghdad, today, Monday, as head of the Kurdish negotiating delegation.  

Talabani’s spokesman, Samir Hawrami, told Shafaq News that Talabani went to Baghdad today to install the agreement concluded at the end of 2020 between the governments of Iraq and the region and determine the region’s share in the budget bill for 2021.

A high-ranking delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government arrived yesterday, Sunday, to the capital, Baghdad, to engage in a new round of talks in order to secure the region’s share in the federal financial budget for the year 2021.

The delegation included: Minister of Finance Awat Sheikh Janab, Minister of Planning Dara Rashid, Minister of the Region Khaled Shawani, and Chief of the Cabinet of the Provincial Council of Ministers, Omid Sabah.

The Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives has been conducting, for more than two weeks, a series of meetings in the parliament building with the aim of collecting observations and making the necessary amendments to the draft budget law.

Parliamentarians and politicians say that the budget needs political consensus, so a political delegation from the region will visit Baghdad later this week with the aim of reaching an agreement with the blocs not to block the passage of Kurdistan’s share in the budget.


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