Parliamentary Finance: The sudden loan requested by the government is illegal and we do not know about it

18:22 – 25/01/2021


Information / Special …

The Parliamentary Finance Committee expressed, on Monday, its surprise at the urgent loan that the government offered from the international monetary, stressing that it had no knowledge of the loan and was not included in the budget law.

A member of the Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, told “the information” that “any borrowing made by the government is either included in the budget law or submitted to Parliament for a vote on it before borrowing.”

He added that “Parliament has no knowledge of the sudden borrowing that was announced by the government and was not included in the budget law,” noting that “this loan is illegal.”

“The committee intends to reduce the budget deficit by canceling the existing loans in it, and now it is surprised that the government borrows an urgent loan from the International Monetary Fund,” Couger said, pointing out that “all IMF loans are harmful because they have great conditions and restrictions.”

He continued, “The committee will host the advanced cadre of the Al-Kazemi and Finance government to inquire about these loans and the mechanisms for their disbursement.”

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