A source reveals the results of the meeting of the Kurdish delegation and the Parliamentary Finance Committee


Kurdistan Region delegation

Parliamentary Finance Committee

2021-01-25 14:53

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Shafaq News / An informed source revealed the results of the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation’s meeting on Monday evening with members of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament.

The meeting was held in the Iraqi Parliament building in Baghdad to discuss the Kurdistan Region’s share in the federal financial budget for the current year.

The source told Shafaq News that the meeting dealt with the region’s share of the budget, as well as exporting Kurdistan Region’s oil through the Iraqi Oil Export Company, “SOMO”, owned by Baghdad.

The source indicated that the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation informed the Parliamentary Finance Committee that there is no objection to the regional government to export oil through the federal government.

And the source added, “There will be another meeting that will be held tomorrow, also, to fix these items in the budget.”

Earlier Monday, the delegation arrived in Baghdad and included Minister of Finance Awat Sheikh Janab, Minister of Planning Dara Rashid, Minister of the Region Khaled Shawani, and Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of the region Omid Sabah.

A party source told Shafaq News that the KRG delegation will go through a series of “decisive” meetings during the next twenty-four hours to confirm the agreement concluded between Baghdad and Erbil regarding the region’s share as contained in the draft budget.

According to the agreement concluded between the two governments, the region’s share amounts to about 12.6 percent of the budget, in addition to paying the salaries of the Peshmerga, in return for handing over the region’s revenues from the sale of 250 thousand barrels per day of oil extracted from the fields of the region.

The meetings come to ensure that the various parties agree on the provisions of the draft budget related to the Kurdistan Region before submitting it to a vote in Parliament.

The Kurdistan Region has been suffering from a stifling financial crisis, as Baghdad has cut the salaries of the region’s employees since last April.


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