Final touches” … what the Kurdistan delegation will discuss in Baghdad today

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Baghdad – IQ  

On Sunday (January 24, 2021), the head of the Kurdistan region’s representative in Baghdad, Faris Issa, revealed the agenda of the Kurdistan’s delegation in Baghdad, while stressing the importance of the meeting by putting “the final touches”, as he put it.

Issa told  IQ NEWS , “The Kurdistan Region delegation headed by the region’s Finance Minister, Awat Sheikh Janab, will arrive on Sunday evening in Baghdad to complete discussions regarding the Kurdistan region’s dues in the 2021 budget.”

Issa added that “these meetings are very important as they will put the final touches on the region’s share of the budget,” stressing, “the Kurdistan region’s desire to pass the paragraphs related to the region’s share according to the agreement that was made between the federal and Kurdistan regional governments.

Earlier in the day, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Rizan Sheikh Delir, said, “The delegation that will visit Baghdad is the same delegation that negotiated with the federal government in advance and an agreement was reached between the two parties.”

She added, in a press statement followed by   IQ NEWS , that “the aim of the visit is to talk about the agreement that occurred and to establish the region’s share in the budget and changes in the region’s share.” Border . ”

She pointed out, “The Kurdistan Alliance seeks to stabilize the two paragraphs related to the budget, but this requires discussions and a new agreement between the region and the center.”–.html


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