Talabani announces his recovery from the Corona virus

Kurdistan Region

Qubad Talabani


2021-01-23 15:39

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Shafaq News / The Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, announced, on Saturday, that he had completely recovered from Corona virus, and while he thanked all those who asked about him, he called on everyone to continue to adhere to health instructions.

And he said in a tweet to Talabani on Twitter, that after conducting the necessary tests, it was found that he was no longer carrying the Corona virus, directing his thanks to all those who asked about his health and wished him recovery.

Talabani called on everyone again to adhere to health instructions and protect themselves and their loved ones from this virus.

Qubad Talabani


سڵاو ئازیزان، پاش پشکنینم ئەمرۆ دەرکەوت کە چیتر هەڵگری ڤایرۆسی کۆرۆنا نیم. لێرەوە سوپاسی هەموو ئەو خۆشەویستانە دەکەم کە هەواڵیان پرسیوم و هیوای زوو چاك بوونەوەیان بۆ دە‌خواستم. جارێكیتر تكا دەكەم پابەند بن بە رێنماییە تەندروستییەکان و خۆتان و ئازیزانتان لەم ڤایرۆسە بپارێزن.

12:18 PM · Jan 23, 2021



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