A storm of changes strikes the 2021 budget days before its approval: What happened to the dollar exchange rates, salary deductions, and the rest of the files?


Yes Iraq: Baghdad

The statements issued from within Parliament, especially the Parliamentary Finance Committee, indicate that the budget has reached advanced stages of amendments, while the amendments included most of the controversial chapters that directly concern the citizen with regard to deductions from salaries as well as the amount of spending and the price of a barrel of oil, while the exchange rate remained The dollar is steady, unchanged.


The Finance Committee intends to finish drafting the 2021 budget and put it to the vote at the end of this week or early next week, while the Parliament Presidency called for the need to increase allocations to the security services in light of the current security situation.


A member of the Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, said in a statement to the official newspaper, “The Finance Committee continues its discussions on the budget, which has become almost finished and has begun to finalize it, so it is possible that the budget will be presented to a vote at the end of this week or early next week.”


Cougar added, “The biggest budget dilemma is the region’s share, which may be resolved today with the arrival of a delegation from the region to Baghdad to settle their share of the budget and reach a semi-final agreement on it,” adding that “the committee will host today a delegation of economists, and it will host tomorrow, Sunday.” For the conservatives to find the budget for the development of the regions and governorates and listen to their views, and thus the committee ends hosting them for the budget.


Couger stated that “the committee made many changes, including changing the emergency budget from 500 billion dinars to 150 billion, in addition to the deductions clause from employees. The committee turned to the income tax option, which came with the majority of votes based on Law 113,” noting that “the government’s choice of deductions “It saves 4 trillion dinars, and the income tax option saves 2 trillion and 600 million dinars.”


He pointed out that “the committee has tended to raise the price of a barrel of oil from 42 dollars to 45 dollars, and this will lead to more than 5 trillion dinars for the state,” stressing that “the only thing that has remained constant in the budget is the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.”




Modifications included 10 doors

For his part, a member of Parliament, Mudar Al-Karawi, confirmed that the amendments included more than 10 chapters in the 2021 budget, indicating that the committee is continuing to make changes.


Al-Karawi said in a press statement, that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee continues to conduct its evaluation of the contents of the doors of the 2021 budget by holding extensive meetings with ministries and government agencies.”

Al-Karawi added, “10 chapters in the 2021 budget have been modified so far in terms of spending and perhaps other adjustments will be made in the coming days, stressing that the budget file has been decided largely by studying its details and sections.” He expected that “the reduction in spending will be large and may reach 40 trillion.” Dinar”.

He continued, “The file of deduction from the salaries of employees there is a rejection of it, but with flexibility regarding the file of deduction for the higher ranks and the three presidencies,” stressing that “there are different proposals about the matter, but in general there is a refusal about the deduction of the salaries of simple employees.”



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