The Iraqis know him well .. Austin is a former at the Pentagon

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{International: The Euphrates News} The new US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, became the first person of African descent to lead the Pentagon in the history of the United States. His appointment would be a new achievement recorded in the file of representatives of people of color in state institutions.

Austin obtained Senate approval to appoint him defense minister, Friday, after broad support from Democrats and Republicans alike, although he needed to seek a special exemption from Congress as he had recently retired and was nominated for a position usually reserved for civilians.

US President Joe Biden chose Austin for the post last December, about a month after he won the US presidential elections.

Austin pledged to combat extremism in the US military after the participation of plainclothes soldiers in the attack on the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump. 

Austin (67 years) said, “The activities that we have recently witnessed in our ranks, in terms of behaviors that may denote racism or extremism, are totally unacceptable in my opinion.” 

The military commander played an important role in leading precise missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and senior military sources from Iraq described him as “an intelligent, calm, strong general with great knowledge of what is happening in the Middle East.”

Austin spent about 40 years at the Ministry of Defense, and the Iraqis know him well, as he was the commander of the US forces that entered Baghdad in 2003, then moved to Afghanistan until 2005, and in 2008 he commanded a multinational corps in Iraq and participated in several operations there.

During the era of former President Barack Obama, he became Commander-in-Chief of US forces in Iraq in 2010, then he ran for the position of Deputy Chief of Staff of the US Army, to take up the position in January 2012, and in 2013 Austin became commander of the US Central Command, Sentcom.

Because of Austin’s focus on countries that were at war with the United States, lawmakers asked questions about his readiness to face global threats, especially China and Iran.

In response to a question about Iran, which Joe Biden said he would like to resume dialogue with, Austin stated that Tehran is still a “factor to destabilize the region,” and its system’s possession of a nuclear weapon would be dangerous. As

for China, Austin replied that “China is the most difficult problem. And more complicated. ”He stressed that the United States wants to deter Beijing militarily, but wants to cooperate with China economically.

Austin did not reveal his plans to lead the US military, but in written responses to the elected officials, he said that he intends to review the decisions to withdraw from Germany and Somalia that Trump wanted. 

But he expressed support for the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“I would like to see this conflict end with a negotiated settlement,” he told senators, stressing that “focusing on counterterrorism operations in the future would be beneficial.” 

As for responding to Corona, Austin indicated, in answer to a question, that the virus “has caused the death of more than 400,000 Americans, and these are unbelievable losses,” indicating that the Pentagon can do more to combat the disease. 

The US Secretary of Defense pledged to “provide all tools for the American forces to deter and defeat the enemies of the country.”

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  1. Amazing, how quickly all these appointments are being confirmed asap! When Trump tried to get his appointments, the Republican n democrats fought tooth n nail. Nothing but hypocritics n a……….oles,imo!

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